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…where two trained philosophers discuss contemporary culture, society, and politics. Join us as we get curious and think hard about what’s going on in our dynamic wide world. Each episode, we weave together topics as current as the Black Lives Matter movement, the status of feminism, or the crafter “Etsy economy” with those as timeless as meaning, value, identity, truth, and knowledge.

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  • #29: The “I” in Us

    Danielle suggests that identity politics—organizing and motivating political action through features of your identity such as race, gender, class, nationality, religion, etc.—is insufficient for the type of collective action needed to solve some important global problems. How do we, as a society, tackle issues like climate change or global poverty when we see ourselves as fractured groups, each with its own concerns? José believes that all political action must necessarily begin with the interests, needs, and perspectives of identity.


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