About Think Hard

Think Hard brings philosophical thinking to everyday issues in culture, politics, art, and society in fun, accessible conversations.


Our Team


Danielle LaSusa Ph.D.

Co-Creater and Co-Host

Danielle LaSusa PhD is Philosophical Coach and teaches at Portland Community College in Portland, OR. She has a PhD in Philosophy, a Graduate Certificate in Women's Studies from Temple University, and a certification in Philosophical Counseling from the American Philosophical Practitioners Association. When her daughter was born, she damn near broke her brain trying to figure out what the hell happened. Now, she helps other new moms grapple with what it means to make a person. Learn more at daniellelasusa.com. Follow her Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Medium.

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José Muñiz

Co-Creator and Co-Host

José teaches philosophy and works as a data analyst in New York City. In between grading papers and slicing data, he thinks about the problems of public life and writes about topics such as racist jokes, the appropriateness of hope, and the dangers of intellectual solution-giving. While working primarily as a pragmatist, he is unusually eclectic (for a philosopher) and sees value in different philosophical traditions. He feels Slytherin is misunderstood.


Dan Short

Editor and Engineer

Dan Short does many things like an amateur, but he sits down like a professional. He has spent weeks sitting on a bicycle and decades sitting in front of computers (he’s probably sitting right now). Most of his time is spent as a Visual Effects artist for television, commercials, and movies. He’s always loved a good conversation and spending time with people smarter than himself. Working on Think Hard allows him to listen to fascinating conversations, make something beautiful, and sit - three of his passions. He dreams of bicycling the Pacific Coast again, but with his entire family (once his daughter is old enough to pedal herself).