About Us

Danielle and José are old philosophy grad school buddies.  They’ve been friends for nearly a decade, and their long history comes through in their chemistry and humor with one another.

Danielle LaSusa

Dr. Danielle LaSusa is a Philosophical Coach and Consultant and teaches philosophy at Portland Community College in Portland, OR. She earned her Ph.D. in Philosophy and Graduate Certificate in Women’s Studies from Temple University in Philadelphia and has been teaching and coaching philosophy for over 13 years. Danielle is also a mother and aims to serve women who are struggling with the challenges of motherhood. When she’s not coaching or teaching, you might catch her dancing, doing yoga, or hiking with her husband and two-year-old daughter. Find her at daniellelasusa.com and on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Medium.

José Muñiz


José teaches philosophy and works as a data analyst in New York City. In between grading papers and slicing data, he thinks about the problems of public life and writes about topics such as racist jokes, the appropriateness of hope, and the dangers of intellectual solution-giving. While working primarily as a pragmatist, he is unusually eclectic (for a philosopher) and sees value in different philosophical traditions. He feels Slytherin is misunderstood.