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#34: 1000 Islands, 1000 Lives

Why do we get paralyzed in the face of freedom? Why are we left spinning our wheels, unable to make a decision, when faced with too many options? Danielle and José suggest that freedom paralysis happens when we are unclear about our values and priorities. Choosing one option means killing off the others. We make some suggestions for how to get unstuck.

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#32: Anger is a Hasty Servant

When is anger a justified or appropriate response to a situation? Guest Greg Sadler, founder of ReasonIO which puts philosophy into practice, is on the show to talk about when, how, and with whom we should be angry. We consider anger’s role in political movements, its relationship to clear and rational thinking, and how to cope with anger so that it doesn’t swallow us up.

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#21: Borrowing Worry

So many people deal with everyday anxiety. Danielle suggests that all anxiety—whether it be about social gatherings, sexual performance, job stress, or choosing restaurants—can be understood as one or more of three basic fears, all of which are fundamental features of the human condition. If we can understand these fears and how they operate within us—through talk therapy and/or philosophical reflection—we can go a long way in managing our anxiety.

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